My Name is Maryam. Im 19 (20 in S.Korea) years old and this blog is about my trip to Seoul.

I will mostly be updating my blog with self-taken pictures and about all the interesting thing I will be discovering in Seoul. It will all start on 26th June, 2012. ENJOY!
hEYY!! was up?? I just want to know when you went to korea, which appartment did you stay in? Im planning to go soon and i dont know where to stay! :(

hello!! Nothing much here! Im in the process of finding a place to stay in Hong Kong (going there in three weeks time) :) 

Okay so: I lived in Hongdae from June to July(great place to experience korean youth culture), I rented an apartment from a guy who had posted his studio on Airbnb(dot)com , it is a good way to stay as the natives and also it is cheap.  

And dont stress out!! It is MUCH cheaper and better options in Korea than it is in Hong Kong -.- (god help me hahah) Anyways! Just contact me if u need more information. Aight? :D 

19.Jan.13 1 year ago